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Community event

I participated in a community event that investigated new renewable energies that help both humans and the earth. I made 3 credits off this. In the picture I am in the top left corner.

Commons Transition Coalition introductory message on loomio

This commoning act is a basic introductory message to fellow organisers of the Commons transition coalition. It explains the rationale for establishing loomio as a coordination and decision making platform, and discusses some basic barnraising ideas such as developing the website and hosting events.

Free lemons bucket complete

Bucket complete! I picked a bunch of lemons from my friend Bill’s tree, bought a couple of baskets from Savers, and set up ‘free lemons’ baskets out the front of his place and mine. It’s silly for us to all be buying lemons from the supermarket when so many of us have hundreds growing in our yards!

Commoning Act by Mahesh Kandasamy

Hosting Lunch and co-facilitating a visioning discussion – $25

Localising Leanganook (LL) ( emerged out of the Local Lives Global Matters conference that was held in the Central Victorian town of Castlemaine in October 2015. Currently it operates as a collective run by a core team of 6 grassroots activists (including me). We had a great “starting point” discussion around the vision/next steps of LL over a simple Indian lunch that I hosted at my place in Maldon.