How does the game work?


  1. Join the Melbourne, Victoria based Commons Credit Game Crowd-funding campaign.
  2. Receive a set number of credits for joining. These credits can then be used to vote on the commoning acts you wish to support.
  3. You can both vote on a commoning act or propose a commoning act that you would like the community to support.
  4. If your commoning act is chosen, you would need to complete the commoning act proposed and, upon completion, you would receive the credits allocated by the community for that act. For example if they proposed to clean up the local creek for 50 credits– if the act was funded, then you would get the 50 credits as soon as the creek was cleaned
  5. Commoning acts are verified by a post by the doer with a picture of the act.
  6. Credits can be used in the ‘commoning marketplace’ to access the skills and resources of community members.
  7. Community members receive bonus credits for listing skills and resources in the marketplace. Credits can also be earned within the marketplace by exchanging skills and resources.
  8. Credits earned in the marketplace can also be used to fund more commoning acts.