Block Party: Dine with neighbours

A few weeks ago I held a ‘block party’. I wrote out little invitations and left them for each neighbour in my apartment building to join me on the lawn at a designated time (when it was still warm enough to picnic!).

Sadly two people messaged to say they couldn’t make it that day, and one other came out during the party to say she also had a prior engagement. So it wasn’t a massive success in numbers, but it was so great to meet my downstairs neighbour.

I’d always seen Mohammed around and he was a bit reserved and seemed unfriendly, but in fact we talked and shared our backgrounds and I learnt a lot about him – including why he seemed to steer clear when he saw me in the stairwell. It’s amazing what you discover about people when you stop assuming and start talking!

We had a delicious dinner, and what I loved most was the passersby stopping to chat and remark on our little get-together. I certainly hope it inspired them to host their very own neighbourhood party!

Sam Kurikawa

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